Hello and welcome!!!!

For me this month is a fresh start in a lot of ways; it's a new year, it's a new(ish) business and with the upcoming Super/Eclipse/Full Moon in Leo this 31st of January, it's a big, bold chance.  

It is the nature of an Eclipse to wipe the slate clean, so to speak.  To give us clarity and a second chance, but, with the expectation that we can do better.  Astrological wisdom holds that the Moon is intimately synced with our emotional worlds.  Therefore, in the cycle of the Moon, each and every position affects us, whether we make note of the correlation or not.  And once the Moon reaches to its peak, its fullness, that is the point at which our experience of this cycle culminates as well.  Full Moons can be quite intensely felt for that reason;  A whole month's with recap of your emotions?  No kidding.  

However, with this Total Lunar Eclipse upon us, yes, tensions and emotions are rising to culminate in the powerful, expressive Sign of the Lion.  In fact, if your sense of self is not feeling simultaneously threatened and celebrated as we come closer to the Full Moon, then I am confused.  This is a Super Moon in Leo.  There is no room for subtlety.  Leo is literally coaxing us into dominating in our respective fields, forcing us to stand up for ourselves, to fight, if necessary .

And with that, comes the Eclipse.  Having learned the lessons of Leo, having it all come to a head, we are left to take a deep breath and move on.  We've changed, we've been refreshed, and with our reinforced confidence and will and drive, we are ready to prove ourselves.